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About John

John has led a diverse and dynamic career as an actor, musician, writer, athlete, and, most recently, a strength and conditioning coach for the past decade.

His expertise lies in specialised areas such as pre and postnatal training, injury prevention, occupational and sports-specific strength and conditioning, and fostering sustainable nutrition habits.

John has collaborated with various individuals throughout his career, including national athletes, senior citizens, pregnant women, new mothers, office workers, and home-based professionals. Whether clients are already attuned to their bodies or seeking a deeper understanding, John has empowered them to run with renewed vigour, achieve greater jumping distances, execute graceful lifts, squat pain-free, conquer their first pull-up, efficiently carry babies, gain strength during pregnancy, improve climbing abilities, enhance kicking power, embrace intuitive eating, master the art of one-trip grocery carrying, and aspire to greater dreams.

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