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About Infrared Sauna at Core Collective

Core Collective offers private infrared saunas equipped with infrared light that penetrates bodies deeper at a cellular level, increasing the body’s core temperature and allowing you a more intense sweat through a gentle and soothing experience. 

Set at a lower and comfortable temperature than traditional saunas, infrared heat penetrates your muscles, skin, joints and tissues, detoxifying the body from inside out. With lower humidity levels, the dry air provides the body with the space to breathe and sweat easier for a longer time.

Infrared sauna therapy promotes a host of health benefits through natural healing and sweating, such as deep detoxification, muscle recovery, pain relief, skin health, immunity boosting, stress reduction, cardio fitness and weight loss.

We offer a state-of-the-art Sunlighten cedar wood sauna - designed to support different needs and comfort levels, with a full spectrum sauna (near, mid and far infrared) equipped with chromotherapy.

A 45-minute infrared sauna sweat experience will leave you glowing and feeling rejuvenated after each session. Our private rooms are thoroughly cleaned with industrial-strength non-toxic disinfectant after every session.

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Our Sweat Room



Recover room


Looking to work up a sweat? This sauna gives you reliable and effective Solocarbon™ heating, delivering far-infrared heat only; allowing deep penetration of your skin cells and heating your body from within.

Works best for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Deep Detoxification
  • Relaxation
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Pain Relief

What Customers Say


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"A 10/10 experience with Core Collective new infrared sauna and customer service! I tried out the Rejuvenating sauna which was relaxing and therapeutic; the heat was not too intense and comfortable enough to meditate. A cool function in the saunas are the tablet with adjustable functions, and being able to use mobile devices inside. Definitely will be back to try their other saunas and wellness services!"

Infrared Sauna client