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About HYPE

HYPE Personal Training are a dedicated team of experienced Coaches specialising in body recomposition and fat loss.

Founded by one of Singapore’s leading transformation coaches. Luke Newton had the vision to consolidate a professional team of wellness and fitness coaches that can deliver sustainable, life-changing results.

Their client results and testimonials are a reflection of detailed training and nutrition methods, which have been proven to work each and every time.

At HYPE, they understand that each client is unique in their own way, which is why their coaches dig deeper into the lifestyle habits and limitations of each and every client. As a result, clients get results!

If you’re looking to take your fitness journey to the next level, you’re the person HYPE is looking for.


Thumbnail_Luke newton_Headshot

Luke Newton
Founder & Director of Personal Training at HYPE Personal Training (Established in 2022)

A visionary at heart, Luke Newton's journey began in the corporate realm as a civil engineer, armed with a Bachelor's degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. However, his true passion lay in sculpting bodies rather than structures, leading him to pivot into the dynamic world of personal training.

Luke marked his entry into the fitness industry at one of Singapore's pioneering premium body transformation gyms, leaving an indelible imprint. Progressing swiftly, he co-founded another gym, swiftly ascending to become a local leader in the realm of body transformation.

In 2022, Luke established HYPE Personal Training, driven by a vision that transcends traditional fitness approaches. His mission is to unite body transformations and community, emphasizing the significance of lifestyle management and sustainability over quick fixes. Luke's dedication resonates through HYPE, where fitness isn't just a goal; it's a sustainable lifestyle embraced by a supportive community.


Olivia Newton
Senior Body Transformation Coach

Hi, I’m Olivia, a seasoned personal trainer with over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. My journey began with a passion for health and wellness, which led me to pursue a career in helping others achieve their fitness goals. I hold various certifications in personal training, nutrition, group training, Post/Pre Natal fitness and nutrition allowing me to offer a well-rounded approach my clients.

Training Philosophy:
My training philosophy is centered around individualized fitness programs that are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. I believe in the power of consistency, dedication, and education in achieving long-lasting results. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your overall health, or enhance your athletic performance, I’m here to guide and motivate you every step of the way.


  • Strength and conditioning
  • Functional fitness and flexibility
  • Group classes
  • Weight loss and body transformation
  • Post and Pre Natal Fitness and Nutrition

Client-Centered Approach:
I understand that every client is different, and I am committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for you to thrive. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on your fitness journey or an experienced athlete aiming to reach new heights, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s work together to make your fitness dreams a reality. Whether you prefer one-on-one training, group sessions, or online coaching, I’m ready to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Your success is my success, and I look forward to being a part of your fitness journey


Jennylyn Balute

Body Transformation Specialist

With over 12 years of expertise as a personal trainer, Jen stands out as a seasoned professional in the realm of body transformation. As a mother, she intimately understands the time constraints accompanying the pursuit of a health and fitness routine.

Jen's approach is characterised by motivation, patience, and genuine care. Her nurturing guidance has empowered numerous individuals to achieve the best shape of their lives. Whether your objective is to transform your body, boost confidence, or reshape your lifestyle, Jen is the catalyst for making the journey not only effortless but also enjoyable. Trust Jen to guide you towards your fitness goals, blending her experience and understanding of the unique challenges individuals face on their transformative journeys.

Timothy Low

Timothy Loh
Body Transformation Coach

With over 8 years of unwavering dedication to the fitness industry, I am Tim – a seasoned personal trainer with a burning passion for both fitness and food. My journey began as a tennis and golf coach, evolving into a certified personal trainer armed with a sports science double degree from Melbourne and ACE accreditation.

My expertise spans a comprehensive range:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Plyometric Training
  • CPR AED Certification
  • Nutrition
  • Sports-Specific Training (tennis/golf)
  • Functional Training
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness
  • Strength and Conditioning

My target audience? Committed individuals striving to become the best versions of themselves, ready to embrace lifestyle changes. As your guide, I offer tailored services:

  • 1-1 Personal Training
  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Sports-Specific Training
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Body Transformation (fat loss, muscle hypertrophy)

Having served as a Senior Trainer at Virgin Active (Raffles) for 7.5 years and excelling as a Freelance PT since 2020, I bring a wealth of experience to sculpt your fitness journey. Let's embark on this transformative path together, unlocking your full potential.

thumbnail_PT_hype_wei chong

Ho Wei Chong
Body Transformation Coach

Hi there! I’m Wei Chong, a tech professional turned Fitness Coach after deciphering my code and realising this was my true passion - my inner ignition.

I believe that:

  • Health is the root and foundation for all things to come in life - best illustrated by this Korean proverb, “건강이 최고의 부”, which translates to “health is the best wealth”.
  • One’s ‘body age’ can be reversed and be younger than their ‘calendar age’ - if its given the chance to have the right balance of exercise, sleep and nutrition

My training philosophy:

Every individual is uniquely unique - I do my best to understand each one as 360° as possible (e.g. schedule, nutrition, injuries, goals, etc.) and help craft a science-based program that fits into your lifestyle with sustainability being the key consideration.

I believe determination, consistency, patience and education are central to achieving long-lasting results and growth - where the focus would be to evolve, continuously challenge yourself within reasonable limits and be the best version you can be!

Most importantly, from the movie ‘The Lion King’, “Hakuna Matata” - You should always love and have fun with your workouts!

My pursuit:
Whether you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle and unsure how to begin, struggling with weight loss despite your efforts, an older adult striving for independence and longevity, or a busy professional contending with frequent travel and demanding schedules - I would love to help and be a part of your journey.

Let's take that step together!

thumbnail_PT_hype_tze wei

Lim Tze Wei 
Transformation Coach 

I’m Coach Tze Wei, a passionate and dedicated coach with a mission to guide you to your health and wellness goals. With 8.5 years of experience in the coaching industry, I’ve had the privilege of transforming lives through tailored training programmes and unwavering support.

Fitness Philosophy:
My training philosophy is built on the belief that fitness is not just about appearance but a journey to a healthier, happier you. I prioritise overall well-being, emphasising a holistic approach towards physical training.


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Deakin University - Melbourne,Australia)
  • Masters of Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning (Edith Cowan University)
  • Basic Sports Massage (Sports Solutions)
  • Kings Sports International (KSI) Level 4 Coach
  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Level 1 Club Coach


  • 2008 HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge, Tertiary Category, 1st Runner-up
  • 2019 Singapore National Weightlifting Championships, 73kg Weight Class Open Category, 1st Runner-up
  • 2019 Singapore Weightlifting Age Group Challenge, Men Entry &lt; 160kg Category, 1st Place
  • Personalized Training Consultation and Programme Design
  • Injury Prevention
  • Olympic Weightlifting Coaching


Arjun Sharma
Transformation Coach

I have always been passionate about fitness, but I struggled to achieve the aesthetic results I desired for years. One day, I decided to join a personal training gym, and within just two months, I saw remarkable improvements. The science-based approach made all the difference, and I was amazed at what a well-structured plan could accomplish.

This eye-opening experience ignited my curiosity and led me to delve deeper into the world of fitness. I was working full-time as an F&B manager while maintaining my fitness routine. My dedication to learning and passion for fitness eventually helped me achieve my dream physique. Last year, I even competed in a sports model category and won gold in my division.

Now, as a certified personal trainer, I am dedicated to guiding others on their fitness journeys. Seeing my clients reach their fitness goals brings me immense joy. I mentor them using the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, helping them achieve their own personal best.