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About Heal N Move

Heal N Move exists to work with seniors on their movement health. It is concerned with the degenerative effects of time on the moving body, more so when everyday activity is painful. Its work centres on four key ideas: 

1. Degeneration-related joint pain is caused by cumulative micro-stress of poor joint positions and movements. The joints are held and moved in ways that hurt the structures around and within. To address chronic pain, work on correcting the damaging joint behaviour. 

2. Slowing down as we age to avoid pain prematurely ages the moving body. It accelerates the loss of structures and one’s ability to move. A healthier way forward is quality movements (ie good techniques) at a nurturing intensity, complexity, and volume that increase the capacity for pain-free movements. 

3. Keep the mind in good shape, the body follows. Emphasise mind-body fitness that includes balance, stability, mobility, coordination, agility, reflex, and most of all, develop good movement habits. A well-moved-and-controlled body prevents acute injuries (falls) and chronic pain symptoms.

4. Heal and move with a purpose

Llyon Lim

Llyon Lim began his practice in Functional Rehabilitation and Pain Management at Functional Training Institute back in 2014. It took him less than 2 years to emerge as a top specialist in the institute. He continued to hone his rehabilitative abilities with advanced courses and up to 13 hours of daily applications.

The experience of working on pain management and reversal strengthens his conviction of the importance of treating the person in pain well not the mere body. A good grasp of biomechanical science helps heal the body, the art of inspiring coaching cultivates healthy movements and life-changing habits.

Now as the ground zero servant at Heal N Move, Llyon dedicated his time, knowhow and energy to focus on reversing, managing and preventing the premature degenerative pain symptoms of the moving body. And move pain-free towards a life of purpose.

Certifications over the years include R.E.H.A.B Essentials and Masterclass. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy. EIMS Clinical Fitness Professional Course. NeuroKinetic Therapy. Body Reading Master Class. Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping. M.A.T Method Functional Assessment, Treatment and Training.