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Icon_Wellness_CorrectiveExercisesCorrective Exercise

Icon_Wellness_ExercisePhysiologyExercise Physiology & Physiological Assessment

Icon_Wellness_FunctionalMedicineFunctional Medicine
Icon_Wellness_HomoeopathyHomoeopathy Icon_Wellness_HypnotherapyHypnotherapy Icon_Wellness_InfraredSaunaInfrared Sauna Therapy Icon_Wellness_LifestyleAssessmentLifestyle Assessment
Icon_Wellness_LifeCoachingLife Coaching Icon_Wellness_Mindfulness&MeditationMindfulness & Meditation Icon_Wellness_MovementTherapyMovement Therapy Icon_Wellness_Nutrition&DieteticsNutrition & Dietetics
Icon_Wellness_OsteopathyOsteopathy Icon_Wellness_PersonalisedMedicinePersonalised Medicine Icon_Wellness_PychotherapyProfessional Counselling Icon_Wellness_PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy
Icon_Wellness_PrivatePilatesPrivate Pilates Icon_Wellness_ReikiReiki Icon_Wellness_SoundTherapySound Therapy Icon_Wellness_SportsScienceSports Science
Icon_Wellness_TCMTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)      


What Customers Say


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"Dr Menka has turned my gut health around! When I first went to see her, I was having bad acid reflux and ongoing nausea daily. Through access to cutting edge testing and some specific supplementation, we cleaned up my gut and healed the damage.

I had seen numerous doctors try and solve this issue but aside from prescribing ongoing medicines to mask the symptoms no one could really find the root cause. I am so thankful to Menka for all her expertise and advice and would highly recommend her!"

Zoe McGee
Functional Medicine client of Dr Menka (Right)


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I decided to try hypnotherapy at Core Collective Dempsey to treat my anger. Andria was professional and thorough in helping me gain an understanding of the source of it.

Through a couple of sessions and monitoring, I have a better awareness of my thoughts, allowing me to better manage my feelings and reactions.

Thank you, Andria!"

Hypnotherapy client of Andria Kok

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