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Lifestyle & Children Services

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What Customers Say


"Both my children have been attending swim classes with SWISH! Swimming at Dempsey. Initially, we joined just to get them to learn an important life skill. It is so encouraging to see my children learn a new skill but also in such a fun way. They enjoy themselves tremendously.

As a family, as we attend the classes with them and it has also given us the opportunity to bond with them. All the coaches, especially Eric and Mo have become friendly faces that we look forward to seeing every weekend. They understand the children, they give useful tips and help us give them space to grow and improve. I highly recommend Swish to anyone with children looking to learn how to swim or improve their swimming."

Joan Oh
Client of SWISH!


"The curated virtual meet up was fun and engaging! I believe that when there is a perfect match of two like-minded individuals, what follows is easy and almost effortless.

I went into the dating experience with an open mind and with the pure intention of meeting a new friend. In the end, we were extremely happy to have found each other through Table For Two, a dating platform that's allowed us to be ourselves."

Teo Joo Howe
Client of Table for Two


Each of our locations offers a distinct and unique experience, whether you’re looking for a central location in the heart of the CBD, a culturally rich and vibrant neighbourhood in the East, or an urban escape near Orchard Road.

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