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About Geriant

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A decade in the fitness industry has equipped Geriant with not just experience but a profound understanding that true transformation encompasses physical and emotional resilience.
As a certified coach specialising in strength training and holistic wellness. Geriant combines fitness methodologies with innovative mental and emotional techniques to promote overall
health. Geriant’s client roster speaks volumes about his effectiveness.

He has successfully guided numerous individuals, from corporate executives, professional athletes to married couples, helping them not only achieve their physical goals but also discover new passions for sports and active hobbies. His tailored programs are designed not just to fit individual fitness levels, but also to enhance clients’ daily lives and support their personal growth.

For those ready to transform their fitness and lifestyle, Geriant offers more than just training; he provides a pathway to a renewed self. His sessions are impactful– driven by his commitment to client success and backed by proven results. Embark on your transformation journey with Geirant– where
fitness goals meet personal breakthroughs. Contact him today to start your own success story.

Connect with Geriant on his Instagram and Tik Tok.