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Mental Health for Busy Professionals - Managing Burnout, Prioritising Self-Care, Drawing Healthy Professional & Personal Boundaries, and More


Join our professionals, Clinical Neuroplasticity Specialist Dr Tim Foo, and Clinical Psychologists Shrimathi Swaminathan and Amerie Baeg as they discuss common mental health issues and how we can identify early stages of burnout and prevent it.

We all know that life is a marathon and not a sprint. However, many of us stress ourselves and take on a lot of personal responsibility to be successful in life, sometimes even at the expense of our mental well-being.

Fitness & Wellness During and Post Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a joyous process but seemingly complicated when it comes to fitness and wellness. How should mums and mums-to-be keep up with their fitness and wellness routines?

Gain insights from Personal Trainer, Danielle van der Leest and Physiotherapist Karen Edwards as they debunk common pre and post-pregnancy misconceptions, discuss fitness and wellness aspects that women should pay attention to throughout their pregnancy, as well as provide practical tips for mums or mums-to-be.

Age Related Pains and Smart Ways to Prevent and Overcome Them.


Most of us do not give much thought to the importance of movement and injury prevention when we are young. But as we get older, age catches up with us in more than one way. Are we able to avoid these age-related problems, or are they inevitable?

Hear from Chiropractor, Dr Benjamin Tan, Physiotherapist Zino Gan and Personal Trainer Daniel Tan, as they explore common age-related pains for working adults and the elderly, pain management methods, and exercises that are suitable for all ages.

What is the Perfect Weekly Workout Routine?


We all strive to train as hard as possible and be perfect in the many things that we do, including our fitness routines. In reality, with family and work commitments, is it something that is truly attainable?

Hear from Personal Trainers Daniel Hammond and Rishi Mirpuri, along with Manual Therapist Lynsey Keyes, as they discuss and share their thoughts on their personal workout routines, training philosophies and how to make fitness something fun and sustainable for everyone.

Living Better - What Does This Mean & What Are its Practical Applications?

"Live longer. Live better.” We are living longer, but are we truly living better? What does it mean to live better?

Hear from our fitness and wellness professionals, Personal Trainer Ralph Dizon, Physiotherapist Cherie Tan, and Marital and Family Therapist Theresa Pong, as they discuss and share their thoughts on “Living Better”, what it means to them and simple steps you can take and apply everyday for a better life.

Core Conversations Trailer Episode

Experience diverse perspectives through the eyes of top fitness and wellness professionals. With every episode, we uncover powerful and practical lessons in holistic fitness and wellness that encourage you to feel, move and live better!