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About Abby

Abby began her journey as a dancer at a young age, later training at a prestigious London drama school. She went on to perform as a professional singer and dancer, gracing stages worldwide.

Her dance background naturally transitioned into a passion for various forms of fitness. Abby believes that staying fit is not just about appearance and weight but also about enjoying the process and taking time out of a busy schedule to focus on well-being.

As a coach, Abby examines her clients’ current lifestyles and guides them in creating new healthy habits that integrate smoothly into their routines.

Abby will work with her clients to improve their overall strength, cardiovascular endurance and mobility. 

As a mother of two, Abby understands the challenges of childbirth and parenting, such as pelvic floor weaknesses, lack of sleep, stress, and poor nutrition, and how these may hinder performance. Abby will alter each session according to the client's needs with a nonjudgmental approach. 

Abby believes that everyone is on their own journey and that everyone’s journeys and stories are different. 

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