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About YogaByRamya

YogaByRamya is all about balance and bringing tradition back to the modern practice and practitioner. At Core Collective, Ramya leads Morning Flow classes where you can expect both yin and yang and enjoy both opening and strengthening – topped and bottomed with a good dose of pranayama and meditation. She also leads Yin classes at lunchtime and in the evenings where she will take you on a journey of deep tissue work throughout your body.

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Ramya Ragupathi

Ramya is trained in the Vikasa methodology, an integrated system of yoga based on classical Hatha yoga traditions, Himalayan Buddhist as well as Taoist practices and Universal Yoga principles. At its core, it is a methodology that hits the sweet spot between comprehensiveness, balance and mindfulness, and where music is of the essence.   

Ramya started her 13-year yoga journey as a practitioner of Bikram Yoga with the aim of healing her back ailments. Following the wisdom of a respected teacher while residing in London, she transitioned to Hatha Yoga in 2016 seeking strength, versatility and a deepening of her own wisdom and has never looked back.

What Customers Say

Testimonial of Puja

“Working from home has blurred boundaries between work and leisure and I found myself confined to my desk for longer than usual. Evening Yin with YogaByRamya has been perfect for stretching the back,  neck and shoulders – all the precise areas that I have cramped up with bad posture throughout the days and months. 

Initially, I was concerned about crowds and safe distancing, but I shouldn’t have been! The standard SafeEntry check-ins and temperature checks are meticulous upon entering Core Collective. In class, mats were spaced out adequately, and there was sufficient room. Sanitizers have been provided for mats and props, so I feel completely comfortable.”

Puja Varaprasad (left)
Evening Yin Group Class client