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Total Training SG

About Total Training SG

Total Training SG supports everyday athletes through their fitness journey and focuses on improving all facets of health and fitness which mainly involve:

  • Training – building a strong foundation for clients, getting them stronger and minimizing their risk of injury through programmed and periodized training to achieve the best long-term progress possible.
  • Nutrition – clients are guided by their coach to eat in accordance to their goals and needs.  It is imperative for body recomposition and recovery from training. They also help with the practical application of doing this as a lifestyle.
  • Mental wellness – Being ready to commit to working hard on health and fitness goals requires steel resolve, determination and dedication.  However, that will not be a constant. The journey is filled with highs and lows. How do you stay committed through the tough times?  They coach you based on your emotional state and support you through all your struggles. They help you get the most out of every day, rain or shine.

Success takes two hands to clap. If you are ready to make a change, Total Training SG is ready to support! 

Total Training SG’s aim is to cultivate love and trust for the process. If you only care about the end result, you will be happy only for that one day, yet miserable for the rest of them. They don’t want that. They want you to appreciate the journey, just as much as arriving at the destination!

They empower their clients, and get people to believe in themselves. Training with weights, getting in shape, fixing chronic pain - this can all be extremely daunting.  Most people have already tried to do this, but failed. They believe it will never happen. They resign themselves to their fate. With Total Training SG, anyone can do what they once thought was impossible. They enable their clients to take ownership; gaining confidence in their ability to live a balanced life.  Some say it’s a game changer!

Total Training SG prides itself with its core values:

  • Passionate about people – They are completely invested in their clients’ fitness journeys and guiding them in the growth in their lives, striking a good balance, in the gym and out.
  • Empathy – Care, concern and love are all the things they have for clients. They celebrate victories with them and fight through their struggles too.
  • Honesty – With their combined two decades long journeys as athletes, they’ve made many mistakes. They value these learning experiences and are open and transparent with the struggles they’ve faced.
  • Results - A journey is meaningless without an aim that you set for yourself. Total Training SG are focused on supporting their clients to achieve results.

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Sixx Ng

Coach Sixx has been in the fitness industry for 8 years, with experience ranging from being a personal trainer with Ultimate Performance, to being the founding head coach at Orangetheory Fitness. She is known to be an outstanding coach and one of the most sought after trainers as people absolutely love training with her! She has a knack for empowering her clients to achieve more than what they thought possible - from fat loss to first chin up, to learning to trust themselves among others.

Her own fitness journey began with being an avid runner to get fitter for the army. She then transitioned to training in the gym through strength training and CrossFit. Through her struggles to get fitter and stronger, she learned more about her body, recovered and rehabilitated many different injuries and experienced the psychological highs and lows that one experiences on their fitness journey. She uses these as a learning experience, and as such, makes a great effort to train people in a safe, calculated and effective manner.

One of the best things about Sixx is that she truly believes that everybody has a quality in them that will help them become better. She is one of the best coaches for building self-belief and getting people to achieve their ambitions.

Her qualifications include:

  • BSc in Sports Coaching, University of Wolvehampton
  • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, Blackburn College
  • Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Health, The Plaskett International College
  • CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Trainer, CrossFit Inc.
  • Professional Coach Training Program Module 1, Executive Coach International
  • Training Pregnant and Post Natal Clients, Fitness Innovations Ltd
  • Biomechanical Assessment, Strength Sensei
  • Mastery of Program Design, Strength Sensei
  • Neural Profile Based Program Design, Strength Sensei
  • IKFF Teacher Level 1, International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation


Firdauz Abdul Gahni

Coach Firdauz did his formal education in Chemical Engineering, but decided to pursue his passion in health and fitness with a career in personal training.  He began his career as a personal trainer with Ultimate Performance, and helped many clients achieve great results. Although he is very focused on getting results, he has earned a reputation of being a very patient trainer. Not one to give up on people, his clients feel very well supported and are grateful for the patience he shows them and always trying to help them towards their goal.

Firdauz is a competitive natural bodybuilder coached by Team 3DMJ.  He picked up this hobby in 2010 in an effort to get fitter and in better shape for national service. Growing up, he was morbidly obese without much athletic ability. Always the one to be picked last when playing team sports and doing terribly in P.E. class, he never felt like he would be any good at fitness. 

Training in the gym at 17 years old, he developed a love for lifting weights, and did it purely because he was passionate about it. Eight years later, he competed in the Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Association’s 2018 bodybuilding competition and won the overall title! Being a champion bodybuilder was a great celebration of the eight years of hard work invested in building his physique and he is looking forward to more success in his next competition season.

His qualifications include:

  • American Council of Exercise certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor’s of Engineering (Chemical) with honours, National University of Singapore

What Customers Say


Firdauz is a superb coach, I have been training with him for the past two years, which perhaps, is a testament enough.

I started with a mindset to simply lose weight but he made me realize that the fitness journey is much more than just weight loss but also about transforming your mindset for healthy lifestyle habits.

He loves what he does and is passionate about helping clients like me which makes him an incredible coach. The knowledge and experience that he has in fitness and nutrition are amazing. He is there to push me when I need to be pushed, motivate me when I am ready to give up, and provides me tools to live a healthier lifestyle.

He is an excellent listener, allowing me to express the challenges that I face. When I hit a wall and stop improving, or my progress on the scale stalls, he analyses and looks at everything that’s going on, and helps me understand the root of the issue and guides me on what I should do to overcome the situation. His coaching not only helped speed up my weight loss but increased my body strength.

He has also given me great eating tips and advice on things I wouldn’t have considered prior which is awesome. He empathizes with my challenges and tailors my routine entirely around me. He not only knows how to help me build muscle or lose body fat, but he can convey this in a way that is easy for me to understand. He is someone that understands me, supports me, and can help me work through any of the challenges that I encounter along the way.

Having someone like Firdauz to support me on my fitness journey is invaluable. I still have a long journey ahead, but I am happy and privileged to have Fridauz guide me through.

Thank you, Firdauz!

Shweta Gupta (left)
Personal Training client


Sixx is one of the most humble and amazing women who takes the time to understand me before pushing my limits. She sees the total and wants what's best for me.

The trust is huge with Sixx! She asks many questions to ensure we are doing what's best and coaches me in a way that makes me feel safe and confident. Since training with Sixx, I feel lighter, calmer, and rested, and I'm happier about myself mentally as well as with my body shape.

Personal training has made me realise that I'm stronger than I thought and that when I set a goal, push for it, and fail - it's ok. The world does not go under. I've discovered that a few adjustments (instead of harder work) take me to the finish line, and I can always improve my technique. This makes me feel like a human. I've not only learned a lot about myself, but I'm more open to adjustments rather than punishing myself because I didn't manage to achieve something. I adopt this outlook back to my work as a specialist and also in my personal life.

I'd recommend Sixx to everyone I know! Every one of us is unique, and I'm certain that Sixx will meet each individual at their level, take time to understand their needs, and deliver excellent service that will help them reach their goals.

Veronica Rolid (bottom)
Personal Training client