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Theresa Pong

About Theresa

Theresa Pong is the Founder and Counselling Director at The Relationship Room. She is a both a registered counsellor and clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association of Counselling. With over a decade's worth of experience in counselling, Theresa has journeyed with hundreds of individuals, couples, and families to deal constructively with challenges such as marital conflict, infidelity, divorce, abuse, and depression.

Theresa draws on various psychotherapy techniques to support her clients in finding courage, resilience and inner strength to heal from their pain, as well as work towards growth and reconciliation in their personal lives and relationships. She does so through working extensively together with her clients, empowering and equipping them with skills to make healthy and lasting relationships. She is particularly interested in the area of couple and family counselling, as well as working with individuals struggling with relationship issues.

Today, she is happily married for over a decade with a school-going daughter. Theresa is an Adjunct Lecturer in Psychology and Counselling at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and the College of Allied Educators. Besides counselling and teaching, she also provides clinical supervision for counsellors and social workers to develop their skills and knowledge.

Theresa has constantly been sought by the local media, such as The Straits Times, to give advice on courtship, marriage and parenting. She also appeared on 938LIVE’s “Parenting Made Easy” to share tips on how to have effective personal well-being, satisfying marriage and flourishing children.

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What Customers Say


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I was ready to quit after seven years of marriage. The endless communication breakdowns, deep-seated misunderstandings and growing resentment in me had taken their toll. I was pretty indifferent in the first couple of counselling sessions but gradually found myself opening up to the counsellor and then eventually, to the problems we faced on hand.

For the first time in my marriage, I actually felt that my views were truly heard and taken into consideration without the conversation ending up in yet another ugly fight. I attribute this to our counsellor, Theresa, whose kindness and empathy and excellent psychotherapy skills created a safe environment where we could air our grievances constructively. By the third or fourth session, I had a change in mindset and decided within myself to put in effort into the marriage to make it work."

Jo (Anonymous)


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"We are a couple who have been married for almost a decade, with a young family. Challenges came as kids arrived. Though they're such blessings, the demands they placed on time, and the differences raised caused friction and arguments. Over time, these started to eat into our relationship. We were on the verge of giving up as emotions rose frequently and things didn't seem to get better no matter how hard we tried.

At the suggestion of a church elder, we started going for counselling. I was sceptical at first as I have never experienced or tried counselling before. We met Theresa, and she is warm, attentive and neutral. These attributes put us at ease and helped us open up.

Looking back, we realised what a blessing it has been. Just six months later, we are able to resolve conflicts better, and more specifically, we've learnt to recognise and deal with patterns in our behaviours."

James (Anonymous)
Client of Theresa