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The Movement Space

About The Movement Space

Experience dynamic and friendly vibes from The Movement Space studio! They provide Pilates, TRX and Gyrotonic classes for all ages and fitness levels.

Their classes are conducted by highly experienced and qualified instructors with focus on techniques and precision. Try them all to see what class suits your workout preference and fitness level.

They also offer, small groups and private sessions.

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I Rene Pung

I Rene Pung 

I Rene has always been very active during her younger days playing tennis and swimming. She then turned into a gym junkie while studying overseas exercising daily. Even upon her return to Singapore, she continued her active lifestyle. After many years of incorrect exercise techniques, she started experiencing lower back issues and turned to Pilates for rehabilitation. She fell in love with how pilates not only helped strengthen her back, but was also a whole mind and body workout that kept her fit, got her even more fit and stronger than her gym days and after having 3 kids! She decided to pursue her Pilates certification in 2008.

Throughout her teaching career, I Rene has worked with a variety of clients from those with postural issues, back and neck issues, scoliosis, knee and hip replacements, pre/post-natal mothers and athletes. She is adamant that exercise is the key to a well-balanced life and to aging gracefully.

Expect a fun and challenging workout in I Rene’s classes!

Nominated Top 8 ClassPass Instructor in 2019.

Jamie Foo

Jamie Foo 

After a few years of corporate life, Jamie turned to Pilates to improve her scoliosis and back pain issues. Within months, Jamie noticed how effective Pilates was in complementing her marathon preparation.

Jamie started as an indoor cycling instructor in 2011 and went to pursue other fitness certifications such as TRX and Pilates. Jamie has been teaching strength and conditioning, HIIT group classes and personal training in various gyms. Jamie was also a fitness training lecturer at a local vocational institute for 7 years, grooming young fitness trainers.

Jamie strongly believes Pilates is for every gender, age and fitness level, and Pilates principles can be integrated in every type of workout and even daily life.

Her fitness philosophy focuses on enhancing the wellbeing of the clients via various fitness styles. She wants all clients to feel stronger, taller and happier at the end of each session.

Expect dynamic energy from Jamie’s classes!

What Our Customers Say


“I have been attending Jamie’s classes for over a year now. I’ve greatly benefited from them by having developed a better understanding of my body, improving my balance and being more conscious of my posture and movements. My back aches have also alleviated over the year.

Jamie always makes an effort to correct incorrect posture and movements during classes to avoid injuries. She also values students’ suggestions and feedback by asking if there are any specific areas of our body that we’d like to focus on and going the extra mile to understand if we are facing any muscular discomfort or tightness in order to suggest variations to the exercises and cater to each student’s limitations.” 

Berenice Phang (right)
Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer client


“Best pilates instructor I’ve ever had!

Jamie provides clear and precise instructions before every movement and always checks on each individual to ensure that our alignments and postures are correct.

She shares her knowledge on pilates readily and adjusts the intensity of the workout depending on how your body feels on that day.

I love how she changes her routine and introduces new movements every other week. Challenging, but a very effective workout! I’ve never left her class without feeling the burn.”

Marilyn Chia (on reformer)
Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer client