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About Table For Two

Table For Two was founded as an alternative to the ‘swipe culture’ of dating apps and believes in a ‘social-first’ approach.

They take the pressure off the expectations of dating, which allows individuals to socialise and mingle in person based on shared values, interests and personalities. This way, their members are able to focus on simply getting to know one another on a deeper level, which makes for more meaningful connections.

Table For Two focuses on:

1. Quality, not quantity

Their on-boarding and screening process ensures that their members are seeking to form real and genuine connections.

2. Showcasing your personality

They ask you thoughtful questions in order to create a profile that captures the real you for a more compatible match.

3. Taking an interest in YOU

They care about you. They are here to co-create a bespoke journey that matters to you.

Whether you’re looking to make more friends, find your special someone or re-connect with your beloved, Table For Two has something for everyone.

At Table For Two, their goal is to bring back intention, thought and meaning into dating, with a social-first philosophy that empowers you to connect with others offline. They also endeavour to support couples with curated experiences for them to reconnect with each other on a deeper level, rekindle their passion for each other and to create more intimacy in their relationship.

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Joanne Ng

Joanne is a certified dating practitioner and is passionate about helping singles in their journey in forging new friendships and finding committed relationships. This motivation has come from her friends seeking her advice on dating and sharing their unsatisfying experiences with online dating apps.  

One of the biggest disappointments has been time spent on trying to figure out who is real and who is not (i.e., married people, scammers etc). Those who have paid for speed dating and generic matchmaking services felt that money has been wasted as most weren’t able to establish meaningful connections with the people they met.

Therefore, she created Table For Two, a safe platform to make dating affordable, stress-free and fun again for people who are genuinely interested in establishing meaningful connections.

“Our promise is to maintain a vetted community of quality members so you can widen your social circle and enjoy getting to know new people in a safe environment.”


Carita Wong

Carita Wong is a Life & Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Facilitator of Hawaiian Bodywork. Having lived and worked in Australia in this field of expertise for the past 15 years, she returned to Singapore to share her experiences and passions. With more than 20 years’ experience of working with the body, mind and spirit, Carita is driven to inspire and support people to have more authentic connections with self and others, particularly in this digital age of connection with our fingertips. 

Carita believes that healthy and loving interpersonal relationships begin with the one that you have with yourself. No matter which hat she is wearing, her goal is simple – to empower you to become the best version of yourself and have the confidence to be who you are, communicate effectively and enjoy the important relationships in your life. 

Carita has facilitated hundreds of courses in Bodywork and Personal Development. One of her greatest achievements is equipping her participants with tools and life skills to step confidently into an inspired and more authentic life. Her most gratifying moments are when she witnesses the transformations that are possible. And her utmost joy is the connections that she has established through her work.

What Our Customers Say


"The curated virtual meet up was fun and engaging! I believe that when there is a perfect match of two like-minded individuals, what follows is easy and almost effortless.

I went into the dating experience with an open mind and with the pure intention of meeting a new friend.

In the end, we were extremely happy to have found each other through Table For Two, a dating platform that's allowed us to be ourselves."

Teo Joo Howe
Client of Table for Two