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Susan Yeo

About Susan

Susan’s first foray into Pilates began in 2002, when she was plagued by several sports related injuries. This is when she fell in love with Pilates and has since been a passionate advocate. With Pilates, not only had her injuries diminished significantly, she also discovered the numerous benefits of keeping fit through Pilates, which includes improvements in strength, mobility and flexibility.

Having benefited directly from Pilates, Susan decided to take the journey into becoming a fully certified Pilates Instructor in 2009 to further advance her knowledge and skills to help others. By 2012, Susan became fully certified in Stott Pilates, PAI and Smart Movement and started teaching, where her main forte is specifically targeted at people with pregnancy related issues (Diastasis Recti Recovery, Pre and Post-natal), Scoliosis and other recovering and nascent injuries.

As a strong believer in healthy living, Susan peruses the art and craft of Pilates with passion and dedication. Her many good reviews and references from current clients are testament to this fact. 

As Pilates is an ever-evolving fitness system with many new developments and teaching techniques, Susan is updating herself constantly through professional certifications to keep abreast of the latest in this field.

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