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Stephen Greenan

About Stephen

Stephen is the perfect guide for you if you're looking to start your fitness journey but currently experiencing pain or recovering from an injury.  

Stephen’s coaching sculpts lean, graceful, strong and mobile bodies. He specialises in sports rehabilitation, movement, gymnastics, pilates and endurance running. 

He believes in educating and empowering clients in a creative and fun environment and his knowledge and attention to strict form ensures the safest, most efficient and structured programming. 

If you have an insurance policy that includes Physiotherapy, your sessions may be entitled to full reimbursement provided you meet your provider's requirements.

Stephen’s qualifications include:

  • BSc Physiotherapy (AHPC registered)
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • FRC Mobility Specialist
  • FRR Soft Tissue Therapy 
  • Pilates Mat and Studio Teacher 
  • Postural Respiration Teacher (PRI)
  • Advanced Dry Needling (GemT)

You can also learn more about his private pilates by clicking here to enquire.