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Simple Joys of Therapy

About Simple Joys of Therapy

Simple Joys of Therapy believe in helping people of all ages and from all walks of life to find simple joys of life through therapy and was founded by Kelly Lee, Principal Psychologist.  

They specialise in helping people, young and old, who are struggling in their daily lives with mood related issues such as depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorders. 

They also help children and adolescents with school related problems and stresses, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorders (with mental health disorder) and conduct disorders.

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Kelly Lee

Kelly’s previous working experience included working as a senior psychologist at the Department of Psychological Medicine in the National University Hospital (NUH) providing psychological assessments and intervention with children and adolescents with mental health issues. 

She has received the Academic Medicine Development Award from NUH for further training in providing psychological therapy for adolescents with depression, suicidal ideations and self-harm tendencies at Boston’s Mclean Hospital (Havard Medical School Affiliate). She is also trained in the Incredible Years Parenting program and has run groups for parents who have difficulties in managing their children’s behaviors.