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Seamus Mah

About Seamus

Seamus was an avid sportsman in swimming, water polo and dragon boat. He got interested in massage therapy by chance some 28 years ago when his teammates would complain of sore muscles. “Somehow I had the knack to work my hands on their tired muscles. They marveled that I had the skill and everyone in the team would request a massage!” So he decided he would one day get himself certified as a massage therapist.

Seamus employs several types of techniques to his sports massage— instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, deep-tissue and manual therapy. Also known as a Frozen Shoulder Specialist, he has helped many people recover from the condition.

His clients include mixed martial artists, bodybuilders, trainers, cyclists, runners, businessmen, executives and even housewives.

Seamus’ mission is: To Serve One Client at a Time. This means you will always get personalized treatments with his undivided attention. As he gets to know you better, he is also better able to understand your needs for your goals.

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What Customers Say


Seamus is my new official body mechanic!

My session with him was the most challenging massage I've had in my life simply because my muscles suffered so badly after lots of crazy cycling and kettlebell workouts, but I don't remember my back ever being this relaxed in the past few years.

Kudos to the master, Seamus!

Mikki Kobvel (left) 
Sports massage client 


I met Seamus to treat my chronic shoulder tightness. For many years, no one has ever been able to leave me feeling great and satisfied the way a sports massage by Seamus does.

Seamus is a skilled, caring and knowledgeable individual who knows exactly what he’s doing. He makes every effort to make sure that I am feeling better and am able to move my shoulders pain-free after each and every session.

I’m forever grateful to him for executing a job well done. All thanks to this man!

Yang Lijing (left) 
Sports massage client