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Robbie MacGregor

About Robbie

Robbie is a trainer with more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry. An ex-rugby player with a Masters in Economics, he spent years working as a financial analyst before returning to his true passion of coaching and personal training.

He has a vast background in training, from working with professional athletes, child development, weight loss clients or just ‘normal’ people who want to feel happier and healthier. His goal is to help you smartly and sustainably. 

Training with Robbie, he encourages no fad diets, no crash weight loss and no unsustainable practices. Everything is driven at improving your quality of life for years to come - not just the next eight to twelve weeks. 

In 2019 Robbie ran several marathons and ultramarathons including the Marathon Des Sables, the hardest footrace in the world. Since then, he has helped several clients complete their first half and full marathons, triathlons and other exciting events. 

Reach out to Robbie if you would like to lose weight, improve your running, or make sustainable changes towards your health and future.

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