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About REVIVE Strength & Conditioning

"REVIVE: To return to vigour, strength or a flourish condition"

REVIVE strives to empower clients in their fitness journey. Their mission is to instil in clients the knowledge in fitness, which will lead them to long-term beneficial and sustainable results that will endure. REVIVE accomplishes this by working hand-in-hand with their clients to develop bespoke, science-based training programmes that are tailored to the client's individual needs and requirements. REVIVE also seeks to continuously improve training methodologies and skillsets as they endeavour to provide the most modern, advanced and effective training for their clients.

At REVIVE, your success is REVIVE's success and they cannot wait for you to get started.

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Joseph Tan

"Ability is relatively fixed, effort is not. Give it your all and the result will show."

​Previously underweight and weak in sports, things started to change for Joseph after he discovered strength and weight training. He experienced his own transformation and revelled at the improvements and the feeling of accomplishment gave him the confidence to go the extra mile.

His unwavering belief in making a tangible difference in people’s lives motivates Joseph in his role as a trainer. It also keeps his work fresh and rewarding. To him, training isn’t just about weight loss – it is also about empowering clients with the tools to take charge of their health and fitness goals with confidence.


Strength & Conditioning Certification

  • Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

  • Agatsu Strength & Speed Specialist

  • Basic Sports Science - Sport Singapore

  • Dynamic Movement with Bulgarian Bag Level 1 certified - Suples Training System®

  • Exos Phase 1 Mentorship

  • Fitness Instructor Certified - Sport Singapore

  • H.I.R.T.S (High-Intensity Rope Training System) certified - Suples Training System®

  • Movement Assessment Tool Level 1 Certified

  • Pre and Post Pregnancy Exercise - Claire Norgate

  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer

  • Suspension Training Certified - TRX®

Rehabilitation Certification

  • Champion Performance Therapy & Training Specialist

  • Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 Certified - ITEC

  • Sports Massage Therapy Level 4 Certified - ITEC

Nutrition Certification

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified



Dennis Lim

“A fitness journey which culminates in attaining a goal is never undertaken alone. It’s a process which trainer and client must both be accountable for.”

Dennis’ fitness journey began in his Army days when he was skinny and weak. He couldn’t even do a push-up, let alone a pull-up.

However, after training with his campmates for a few months, he became fitter and stronger. These improvements enable him to achieve the gold award in his fitness test (IPPT). This positive outcome changed his mindset and endowed him with the confidence to achieve greater things in life including helping others in their fitness journey.

A 16-year veteran of the fitness industry, Dennis continues to strive to become the best trainer for his clients. He is also a firm believer in lifelong learning. This enables him to consistently improve his knowledge and skills so that he can offer the most effective methods and solutions to his clients.


​Strength & Conditioning Certification

  • United States Sports Academy Sports Strength and Conditioning

  • Exos Phase 1 Mentorship

  • Exos Phase 1 XPS

  • Exos Advanced Strength and Power course

  • Agatsu Strength and Speed Specialist

  • Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer

  • Fitness Instructor Certified – Sport Singapore

Rehabilitation Certification

  • Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 Certified – ITEC

  • Sports Massage Therapy Level 4 Certified - ITEC

  • FMS Level 1

  • Functional Range Conditioning Certified

  • Anatomy Trains Arches and Legs

  • Anatomy Trains Hips

  • Anatomy Trains Shoulders and Arms

  • Anatomy Trains Head, Neck, Jaw

  • Anatomy Trains Tensegrity Spine

  • Movement Assessment Tool Level 1 Certified

Nutrition Certification

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • International Society of Sports Nutrition Certified

  • International Society of Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition Specialist Certified


David Seah

David has been in the fitness industry for over seven years. The greatest satisfaction from his job comes from the positive impacts he makes in his clients’ lives using sustainable methods which he strongly believes in when it comes to fitness.

Accountability is a value that David strongly resonates with. This is why he constantly invests his time and money into learning, to provide the best and most effective solutions for his clients. 

If looking good and moving well is what you have always wanted, David can be the person that makes that change in you! 

His qualifications include :

  • Personal Trainer Collective
  • PTA Global
  • Claire Norgate (Pre/Post Natal)
  • EXOS Phase 1 Mentorship
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Certification
  • Ganbaru Method (Hypertrophy Master Class)