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Red Miller

About Red

Red Miller is a Birth Consultant, Holistic Midwife, Author and Founder of Love Based Birth. She is incredibly passionate about helping couples have awesome births and has helped thousands do exactly that. 

Red has attended nearly 800 births in more than 10 countries including Nepal, USA and Singapore; and in diverse settings from rice fields to a palace. 

Red guides couples through a unique step-by-step process to help them physically, mentally and emotionally prepare for birth. They learn how to manage and significantly reduce the pain of labor, transform their fears into positive action and navigate the health system they are working in. 

Red’s quest is to guide women to tap into their inner wisdom and beliefs once women start demanding their right to birth their babies in love and respect; the greatest positive shift will occur in every corner of the planet.

Red’s first book “From Fear to Love: Your Guide to a Fearless Magical Birth” is available on Amazon. 

She is also the creator of the Love Based Birth Tribe, an online App to connect parents and wellness professionals globally. It is created for the millions of women around the world who are seeking deeper connection, joy, love and magic while becoming mothers.

Connect with Red on her website, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.