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About RealEase

RealEase is founded by husband and wife, David Thoo and Rowena Choo. 

They firmly believe that our bodies are designed to heal itself, and their mission is to facilitate and empower this healing. 

Spinal Flow Technique (Spinal Flow) is a powerful yet gentle healing modality that facilitates healing via the nervous system. The therapy consists of light touches on specific areas of the spine we call access points, without manipulation, popping or cracking. Spinal Flow facilitates a full rewiring of the brain and the body relearns what it already knew, to begin with — how to self-heal.

Spinal Flow has helped with recovery from chronic headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive complaints, stress, depression and much more. They also see tremendous improvements in autism symptoms.

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What Clients Say


"I found out about RealEase through Tropika Club, a new app that just launched recently.

My main reason for visiting them was to find a treatment for my body issues. My neck was very tight and I was unable to turn it more than 45 degrees.

After just a few sessions with RealEase, I felt my health, digestion and sleep quality improve a lot. Previously, I'd have difficulty falling asleep every night, and would usually only able to fall sleep in the morning.

I would often feel tired even after sleeping for eight hours, but now, I wake up feeling energetic every day (even on rainy days)! 

Thanks, Rowena! I'd highly recommend those working an office job to visit RealEase for professional consultation and advice as most you will have a stiff neck and posture issues as well."

Jonathan Soh
Spinal Flow client