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Nina Im

About Nina

After many years as an IT professional in the corporate world, Nina decided to pursue a long-standing desire of her own to be a personal trainer. She undertook a series of courses, designed and assessed by the YMCA in the UK, and qualified as L2 Gym Instructor and L3 Personal Trainer.

Living in Budapest, she started her new career as a Personal Trainer, and over the next 18 months trained clients from various backgrounds and nationalities, each achieving their personal goals.

Returning to Singapore, Nina wishes to leverage her cultural, international and personal training experience to help clients, regardless of age, to achieve their fitness and health goals. 

Having lived life to the full, she is motivated by ageing well and maintaining her fitness levels as she moves through her 40’s and beyond. She wants to share this experience with others and commit herself to bettering their wellbeing. Nina believes exercise is a key ingredient of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, regardless of your shape, strength, genetic background and age. 

She also believes that exercising and a good diet guarantees everyone a huge return on financial investment. It needn’t be hard, it is also so much fun.

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