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About Nathaniel

Nathaniel has been a fitness coach for the past five years. He is also an active member of the Singapore Dodgeball Team and the Woodlands Black Stallions where he serves as the organization’s official Physical Trainer. In addition, Nathaniel has experience as both a player and coach of a local Field Hockey Team. As an experienced athlete, he is no stranger to the challenges of maintaining an active lifestyle.  

Nathaniel’s strategy for physical fitness includes providing functional training; addressing injuries through rehabilitation, and building strength through conditioning.  This holistic approach to wellness has proven to provide consistent results for his clients as well as identify areas for improvement. Whether an avid athlete or a beginner, Nathaniel is committed to supporting his clientele with their individual physical fitness goals.

What Customers Say


"I met Nathaniel through our Dodgeball Club training. Nathaniel is a very well mannered guy who always put people first and understands their needs. He motivated me with his positive vibes and constant checking in. Sessions are always fun and engaging with him around.

What I learnt from Nathaniel that changed my perspective or view on health was not only focusing on the physical look but also mental health. Nathaniel constantly checks in to ensure that we are not only physically doing the exercise but our day to day life are also in place.

Thank you, Nathaniel."

Personal training client 


"Before I met Nathaniel I faced general tiredness and fatigue, knee pain, wrist pain and back pain. I have old injuries to my back from running, so I wanted to make sure that whomever I worked with understood those concerns and didn’t just glaze over them.

Nathaniel assessed and fixed these problems by starting me on lighter weights and initially focused on strengthening the affected areas. After 10 sessions and now to date almost 80 sessions in total with Nathaniel, I felt stronger, less fatigued and more motivated to carry on.

Nathaniel changed my perspective and view towards a healthier lifestyle because he said it’s not all just about exercise. He also speaks about nutrition and recovery. He taught me about changing my routines so I don’t get bored of working out.

Nathaniel motivates mentally and physically by varying the intensity of his workout, as well as the types of workouts done. He has most definitely lived up to all expectations!"

Prakesh Chandiramani (left) 
Personal training client