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About Nate

Nate is highly dedicated to helping his clients, especially those over 40, achieve their health and fitness goals using a time-efficient, sustainable, structured, and progressive approach. 

Nate strongly believes that action precedes motivation and that coaching is about helping people take small daily actions systematically and consistently over time to form good habits and achieve their goals.

Having been in the industry for seven years, Nate has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in understanding and managing his client’s needs and cater to their personal preferences to ensure they stay positive and be accountable for their actions in and outside of the gym. 

As a passionate learner, Nate strives to continuously update and equip himself with knowledge about training, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. As such, Nate can design effective goal-oriented, individualised, and joint-friendly training programs for his clients as well as giving them practical nutritional and lifestyle advice to help them take specific action to transform their bodies. 

Qualification Highlights: 

• PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer

• Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

• Agatsu Lower & Upper Body Mobility & Movement

• Agatsu Strength & Speed Specialist

• Precision Nutrition Level 1

• Gold Medal Bodies Level 1

• EXOS Performance Mentorship Phase 1