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About Mayoly

Mayoly graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Over 15 years, she’s been working with Pilates techniques oriented to all kinds of populations. Ten years ago she was certified as a Fitness Personal Trainer and as a Personal Trainer for Special Populations and Rehabilitative Exercise. 

In her experience as a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher, she worked in private and public clinics. She’s worked with high-performance athletes to rehabilitate sports injuries and conducted functional and adaptive training for injury  prevention. Her experience also extends, but is not limited, to the treatment of orthopaedic disorders, back problems chronic pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and neurological disorders such as fibromyalgia, Alzheimer disease, brain stroke, Multiple Esclerosis and traumatic brain injury.  

Her approach is not to set standard or passive treatments, therefore, she sets programmes considering every person’s unique necessities and functional needs. She enhances brain function, corrects biomechanics and increases self-awareness using different tools for example functional and clinical exercise,  pilates, cognitive exercise training, SGA, Feldenkrais,  functional movement, and postural reeducation. 

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