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About Maverick

Maverick Chin teaches a yoga of contemplative exploration. Though physical in part, his practice is ultimately one of mind and heart. It is a way of questioning without fixating, of moving towards stillness. It is essentially a yoga of embodied self-reflection.

In this practice, poses are not answers, but questions. They are approached as one would intelligently approach any question: with method, contemplation and openness of mind. Each pose is explored simply and deeply. Movements are developed practically and with attention to detail. Classes are designed with no prerequisites or levels, each class having been crafted simply as experience.

Through his classes, Maverick hopes to demonstrate and explore a yoga of life’s vicissitudes. His focus is simple, practical and inquisitive. It points towards one critical question: what does well-being feel like?

Maverick’s pedagogy is grounded in bodyworks, martial arts, practical anatomy, non-sectarian meditation and Somatics. It is an eclectic of the body harnessed precisely to rouse the most eclectic of questions. His intention is to help students establish clear objectives in practice, and to inspire them to embrace physical and mental well-being.

For this purpose, he offers one quintessential piece of advice:

“Practise what you enjoy and enjoy your practice."

What Clients Say


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I started with attending group classes but my physiotherapist suggested one-to-one sessions to address my frozen shoulder.

In the private sessions, Maverick focussed on my exact problems. The use of my right arm was limited so my main objective was to be able to reverse the static situation.

With the help of Maverick, I was able to fully regain the use of my right arm in about six months. I am now able to continue with the specific yoga exercises he taught me."

Mabel S 
Client of Maverick 


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"At 60+ and retired, finding something for a meaningful workout is really a challenge so finding Yoga through Maverick was a blessing indeed.

By attending his many classes I began to love it, understanding the way Yoga was taught. I saw many benefits including improvements on my tense muscles and better sleep of course.

Although I've attended many classes and with different instructors, I am glad to have met Maverick at last."

Raymond Lim
Client of Maverick