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Marina Goddu

About Marina

Marina Goddu, the founder of KinetiCube, is a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer, physiotherapist, FISAF master trainer and ex-professional athlete with 30+ years of experience in rehabilitative and fitness conditioning.

While competing in mid-distance running on a national level in Russia, Marina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sports Coaching & Rehabilitation.  She then went on to
become a professional coach, a teacher in aerobics and fitness, and an owner of multiple fitness and Pilates studios in Russia and Singapore.  Along the way, she acquired additional accreditations and national and international accolades.

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What Customers Say


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I have been participating in various group classes (Reformer, Mat and KenetiCube) as well as private ones. Marina has been my personal Pilates trainer since the beginning - she was the main reason why I chose her studio since her experience with Pilates (both as a trainer and personally) is extensive.

She is amazingly professional, very patient and client-oriented. Because I love "technical" aspect of Pilates, Marina explains every movement and what I should expect to feel and which muscles I should use.

As for group classes, it's also great to enjoy training in a small and friendly environment. There are just a few people in the class with you, so she can actually correct your movements and explain each exercise. Just try any class and you will not be disappointed!"

Private Pilates client

Testimonial of Mike

"Great core workout on the Cable.

Since writing this review Marina has added "KinetiCube", a full-body cable-based workout machine that enhances the Pilates workout tremendously."

Mike (left)
Private Pilates client