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About Alice

Alice is an Integrative Psychotherapist who combines her expertise in Acceptance and Commitment, Existential and Humanistic Therapy to give you the best psychological support. She believes that no single technique is suitable for every individual and any modality she uses will be catered for your unique needs and preferences.

Alice takes pride in working with a diverse array of people from all backgrounds and identities. In all her therapy sessions, she strives to be present, authentic, genuine, and transparent. To listen with compassion, understand without judgment, and offer practical advice as well as effective tools to help you cope and heal.

Prior to working as a Mental Health Professional, Alice had extensive experience in corporate settings. She worked closely with leaders in pivoting their business for COVID and developing strategies to engage employees both professionally and personally.

Alice serves to continually develop herself for her community. She is currently researching psychotherapeutic options for individuals with chronic pain. This research aims to improve the treatment alternatives for this community and develop a protocol for other mental health professionals.

Make the Space offers professional psychotherapy and counselling services for adults. They are an inclusive practice welcoming individuals experiencing life’s challenges, from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, identity, life transitions, and more.

“Make the Space” describes various aspects of the therapeutic process: You commit the mental space to work on yourself. Your therapist creates the environment for you to speak openly, and together, we create the emotional space to deal with challenges.

Connect with Alice and Make the Space on their website.