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Maegan Teh
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About Maegan

Maegan is a certified Jazzercise Instructor since 2016. After her ankle surgery, she found her love for dance again through Jazzercise. Jazzercise not only continues to help strengthen her ankle, but also enables her to have an effective and fun workout throughout her fitness journey.  

Maegan is an experienced instructor. She enjoys conducting effective, energetic, and fun group exercise classes at both high and low impact to suit her customers’ needs and capabilities. Maegan draws on her passion to motivate and inspire her customers to live a stronger, happier, healthier life through fitness.

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What Customers Say

Testimonial of Edwina

"My instructor in Jazzercise, Meagan, is fun and energetic.

She will breakdown the steps for all of us in simpler ways while educating us on the muscles we are using. It's great to know which muscles are engaged and the reason behind the steps and movements.

She also makes sure that we do the movement safely by showing the correct ways and the songs played are those that most of us are familiar with, from oldies to the latest hit songs, which makes a whole lot of difference in the class too.

Is not just a workout for fitness but also for having a fun time together."

Edwina (3rd from left)
Jazzercise client