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About Lena

Formerly a financial news editor and writer, Lena Lee now journeys with clients to help ease their challenges in the hopes of improving their mental and emotional wellbeing and bring about positive changes in life. Her experience includes working in a social service agency, where she counselled clients whose ages ranged from 17 to more than 70 years.

Having spent close to two decades in global news companies, Lena understands the stresses of the corporate world and major life changes. She has lived and worked in Beijing, Melbourne and Tokyo, and is sensitive to diversity in backgrounds and cultures.

Lena holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism, a graduate diploma in counselling psychology, and a Master's degree in counselling.

The name, I.M.POSSIBLE, came about through Lena's belief that when a situation appears to be insurmountable, reframing our thoughts and adopting a different approach can be helpful in turning things around. She hopes that through the counselling journey, clients will begin to see that I.M.POSSIBLE even when things may seem IMPOSSIBLE.

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