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About Mei Ling

Meiling's journey into holistic therapies started when she was diagnosed with hypertension and was at risk of having a stroke. Like many others who are caught up in the corporate rat race, constant stress and late nights took a toll on her physically, mentally and emotionally.

After making the decision to leave her job and to spend more quality time with her family, she took the opportunity to explore alternative therapies. She began her quest in Reiki & Crystal Healing and took up Qigong lessons as well. By fate, she encountered Aromatherapy as a synergistic treatment and triggered her desire to pursue more knowledge. Meiling underwent training and education to become a Certified Professional Aromatherapist.

Blending her formal graduate qualifications in Chemistry, and her newfound knowledge in Aromatherapy, Meiling concocts beautiful oil blends with amazing scents and practical purposes, with an aim to help enhance wellbeing and promote a healthier lifestyle for those around her.

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