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About Kang

Optimal holistic health is a lifelong process that requires attention and balance between many interrelated areas in our personal lives. Kang wants to empower his clients with the knowledge and skills to discover and nurture their personal best by adopting health affirming habits and a diet that is right for their biology.

Besides being an avid bio-hacker, Kang’s fitness attainments included being a Boston Marathon qualifier, Spartan Trifecta achiever, and 17 consecutive years of zero sick leave at work before transitioning into his current capacity as a healthcare professional.

Using a combination of 20 years' experience in personal development, functional medicine health coaching, and evidenced-based nutritional science, Kang has helped his adult clients of all ages and from all walks of life achieve their health goals. 

Although his clients of diverse backgrounds were successful with very different health goals, they share three common traits. They invest in their health to maximize their capacity for personal success. They have a clear sense of purpose that makes their health striving efforts worthwhile. They commit to a process of continuous improvements.

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