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About Juan

An athlete and professional MMA fighter, Juan strongly advocates the benefits of strength and conditioning, having gone through the journey himself.

With 15 years of coaching experience in Muay Thai and MMA, and 10 years of experience in teaching strength and conditioning, Juan is extremely versatile in his coaching. He is practical in his approach to training and takes a holistic view of his client – diet, lifestyle, sleep, schedule – to tailor his approach to each of his client’s needs. 

The depth of his experience includes a wide range of clients – ranging from individuals with moderate to severe past injuries, housewives, and teenagers, to corporate clients and competitive athletes. 

With emphasis on longevity and injury prevention, Juan is extremely goal-oriented and works closely with his clients to ensure that they get the most out of their training, setting measurable milestones to track their progress. Whether Juan is teaching Muay Thai/MMA or strength training, he brings the same focus to each session and celebrates his clients’ progress as his own.