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About Isabelle

Isabelle partners with private individuals and corporate clients to grow personally and professionally, and unleash their full ambition and potential, while developing stronger resilience, managing stress and preventing burnout.

She holds multiple coaching accreditations, though her strength is in transition and transformational coaching using neuroscience and somatics based techniques. She is also an accredited TRE supplier (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) and certified Somatic bodyworker from the Strozzi Institute.

Grounded in over 23 years of experience in international HR, talent management, leadership development and organizational development in Fortune 100 companies, Isabelle’s passions lie in supporting people, managers, leaders, and teams as they transition through life and career stages, and support them as they continuously grow and transform into the human beings they want to be and be remembered as. 

Isabelle's services include: 

  • Transition and transformational coaching
  • Tension and Stress Releasing Exercises
  • Somatic Coaching and Bodywork 
  • Career Coaching
  • Personal Conflict Mediation

Connect with Isabelle on her website.