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About HelpHer Do Better

HelpHer Do Better is a social enterprise that focuses on wellness for wellbeing. They bring back mobility to people and give back for good by empowering women.

Through yoga, corrective exercise personal training and bodywork therapy, HelpHer Do Better are the mobility studio that moves with you at your convenience, indoors, outdoors, or at your doorstep.

Be it aches and tightness, recovering from an injury, or the desire to bring better physical alignment and sports performance to your body, they are on your journey with you with their experience and expertise.

As a #dogood company, your gain in mobility after every session will empower a domestic worker (or better known as ‘helper’) by giving her access to wellness and fitness activities run by HelpHer Do Better, so that she can empower others in her care - be it in your home, or her community back home.

Connect with HelpHer Do Better on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Munira Moon

Munira (Moon)

Better known as Moon in the wellness community, Munira is a wellness coach with a passion for education for the past decade.

Her classes are fused with the emphasis of self-care and healing the self through awareness of the mind and body. 

With her multi-disciplined skills, she goes beyond mind-body healing and uses her knowledge to aid those who are in need of mental & physical pain management and healing of injuries.

She teaches internationally, notably in Bali and France, and has been invited to teach at wellness conferences and for corporates. 

Moon is a certified yoga teacher she is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pn1 Nutrition Coach with specialities in various stretch and massage therapies.

What Customers Say

Testimonial of Sasha

"It's always a wonderful experience to join Moon's yoga sessions.

She structures the multi-level classes, so don’t worry if you are an intermediate or beginner practitioner, it will still suit you perfectly.

Moon places a large emphasis on alignment and awareness of the breath, sharing her energy and passion with her students. I leave each yoga session energized and zen, feeling like I can take on anything the day throws at me. Definitely recommend it!"

Sasha Volnikova
Yoga Client