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About Flora

Flora is first a secondary school choir instructor and then a Pilates instructor. She has been teaching school choirs since 1996 and participating in regular national and international choir competitions and events with them.

Due to stressful work practice, she used to fall sick frequently. When she started taking up body-mind-soul classes like stretching, pilates, and yoga in 2009, she felt herself becoming healthier and more able to cope with work-related stress. Subsequently, her lifestyle became more balanced.

Flora began to find pilates very interesting and challenging as there were many modifications and possibilities available for different clientele. There was also more to pilates than just mat exercises – she realized that the principles of Pilates were also applicable to help her choir students sing better.

Eventually, Flora decided to take up an instructor course to deepen her own knowledge of the subject. With the certification, opportunities to teach and cover Pilates classes became available. Such opportunities exposed her to different types of clients and their needs, helping to better her knowledge of Pilates and at the same time, increasing her desire to learn more.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Pilates for Special populations ( injuries, pain, recovery)
  • Pilates matwork
  • Pilates for Mobility and Flexibility
  • Working with Singers, Teenage Choristers, and Musicians (core control, posture and alignment, and joint mobility)