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About Fitfoo

Fitfoo’s mission is to create feel-good Pilates classes. 

Say hello to a lean body and stronger core! Fitfoo’s classes use the BASI® Pilates block system to ensure you get a full body workout every session. They focus on correct postural alignment and building core strength in a fun way. 

Getting fit should never be a chore. Regardless of your fitness level, Fitfoo believes in getting you functionally stronger and feeling taller at the end of each session.

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Jamie Foo

Jamie is visibly passionate about what she does. She lives and breathes the Pilates Method, openly sharing the physical and mental benefits of Pilates with anyone that will listen. Her classes are dynamic and with emphasis on core strength and posture correction. I hope for all clients to move pain free and improve the quality of their lives. 

Her qualifications include: 

  • BASI® Pilates Certified
  • BASI® Pilates Mentor
  • Sport & Exercise Science Specialist Diploma 
  • Certified Group & Personal Fitness Trainer since 2011
  • Fitness Training Lecturer for 7 years in a vocational institute


Janice Lee

Janice is a former nurse and flight attendant turned full-time fitness instructor.

She started off with regular outdoor runs and yoga practice before deciding to take up yoga teacher training. Janice has been teaching yoga, reformer pilates, rhythmic cycling for the past two years, and is also a part-time instructor with STILL Boxing. 

She strives to build a community and connection through fitness and mindfulness. Trained in the above, she knows what it takes to put you through your paces and get the best out of you, making sure that you feel stronger than before with every class. Her focus is on building strength and body awareness without compromising on form and alignment. She’s always encouraging you to push and explore the physical and psychological challenges within yourself, and also to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Melissa Cortez

Melissa is a mother of three lovely children, two girls and one boy. She has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 17  years. 

Melissa teaches Pilates Mat classes with props, from beginners to advanced levels. She also teaches prenatal and postnatal Pilates and post-rehabilitation Pilates.

She strongly believes that anyone can do Pilates regardless of age and that consistency gives results. She has never stopped practising Pilates since she started. Since practising Pilates, her stronger core has helped to strengthen her lower back and healed her of her slipped disc condition. 

Get ready for a total body workout and finishing strong in Pilates class with Melissa.