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felicia kaw

About Felicia

Felicia Kaw has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years with experience teaching both group classes and one-to-one personal training. She currently teaches Boogie Bounce Trampoline Fitness, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Pilates, Yoga, ABT and Indoor Cycling. 

During her initial years as a fitness professional, she was an adrenaline junkie and loved to teach and attend cardio classes. As a trained athlete, she was also well-versed with routines that trained her core and strength. She continued her passion for fitness as a freelancer as she entered the corporate world. 

Just 3 years ago, she decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate her time to instruct fitness fully. Her classes are both fun and accessible as she enjoys motivating her students through her humor and well as her extensive knowledge of fitness. 

Felicia is passionate about helping people find benefit beyond the ritual of fitness routines. Amidst the sweatiness and the “burn” of each class, she is an avid advocator of students finding that mindful and delicate balance of “pushing harder” or tuning back. 

She is an animal lover, often seen with her adopted dogs, a tree hugger and a coffee lover! She’s also a Netflix “couch potato” and a nerdy gadgets girl on her off days.

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