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About Energising Goals

Transform the way you think, work, exercise and live.

Here at Energising Goals, their mission is to give you a new strategy to overturn what isn’t working, to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life, and to experience freedom.

Energising Goals can help you with:

  • Getting unstuck
  • Restart your career
  • Self-defeating habits & Inner Critic
  • Strengthen self-esteem & Confidence
  • Clarify your purpose & goals
  • Personal growth & Work-life balance
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Relationship problems
  • Managing stress & worries
  • Dealing with loss

Services provided include:

  • Online sessions
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Life & Career Coaching
  • Couple Therapy & Coaching
  • Corporate Workshops & Webinars

You know YOU ARE READY for coaching

  • if You are in an endless cycle of starting and stopping
  • You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to make things better
  • You want to gain more confidence and clarity on how to move forward
  • You feel like a failure and that no one understands what you are going
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck and stressed
  • You are ready to make a change

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Beata Justkowiak

Beata is an ex-athlete, psychologist and life coach working with individuals and corporates. Known as a confidence expert, Beata is probably the most energetic psychologist you have met.

A mental wellness advocate, she takes life with its ups and downs, making psychology practical in managing life’s challenges. Beata specializes in facilitating lasting change as she works with men and women who are ready to improve their health, increase energy levels, shed self-limiting behaviours, and cultivate positive habits.

She loves dark chocolate as much as complex situations and thought-provoking conversations. She listens well and people value her progressive attitude and holistic approach to both body and mind. Beata is always full of energy to educate, inspire and guide.


  • Masters of Art in Psychology with Personal Counselling specialisation from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Certificate in Coaching from University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland
  • Sports and Society course from Duke University, USA
  • Coaching Psychology course from Warsaw University, Poland
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) course from Dr Monica O’Kelly, Australia
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) from Dr Russ Harris, Australia
  • ACT & Mindfulness for Trauma from Dr Russ Harris, Australia
  • ACT & Mindfulness for Depression and Anxiety from Dr Russ Harris, Australia   
  • Schema Therapy (ST) from Dr Robert Brockman, Australia
  • Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy 

Member of: 

  • Singapore Psychological Society
  • International Coach Federation

Featured in: 

  • Cleo
  • Her World
  • Today’s Parents
  • The Finder
  • Stamford American


Magdalena Reynaerts

She empowers people to live authentic, valued, and purposeful life and fall in love with who they really are at their core.

The focus of Magdalena’s coaching practice is personal growth and transformation. She puts aside her opinions, preferences, judgements, and beliefs to fully hold a client’s agenda. She truly believes that people are already naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and have a natural ability to resolve the challenges they face. She helps people realize their peak potential and achieve self-defined growth goals.

Magdalena’s greatest gift is to empower people to transform their lives, she helps them discover their passion, develop and use their unique talents and abilities, tap into their hidden potential and realize challenging goals that they set for themselves.

If you long a change, feel unbalanced and not aligned with your values, Magdalena is the person to work with you. She will take a stand for you to step more boldly into your most powerful self to maximise your life, to move toward fulfilment, more balance and more effective process in your life.


  • Diploma in Coaching, Co-Active Coach®, Co-Active Training Institute
  • Sound Healing Therapy course from Master Shree, Kathmandu Centre of Healing, Nepal
  • Hatha Yoga teacher training from Arun Rana, Singapore
  • Yin Yoga and Sound Healing teacher training from Stanley Lim, Singapore
  • Brain Health Trainer course from Ryan Glatt
  • Neurotracker cognitive training course from Professor Jocelyn Faubert
  • Mom in Balance course (Prenatal and postnatal recovery), Singapore
  • Professional Doctorate in Engineering in BioProduct Design (Blood medicinal products) from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Featured in:
  • Sparkd Fitness
  • We Are Crane

What Customers Say


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I met Beata at a turning point of my life, and these sessions definitely helped to ease off the friction during my career transition period.

She is energetic and positive. She remains objective and sympathetic at the same time. She guided me to have a holistic view in regards of my career choices. We broke down a big abstract goals into bite size realistic small steps and she celebrated with me when I achieved it along the way.

I learnt how to be ready for changes so as to embrace and enjoy the result the changes had effected both mentally and emotionally."

Counselling Client


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I met Beata at a crossroad of my life and my career, when I was overwhelmed by uncertainty and difficult decisions to make. Beata was able to help me navigate through my thoughts and feelings to help me determine what is really important to me and how to block out the noise in order to focus on my goals.

Not only did morale go up, but I’m also more focused and well prepared to tackle my daily tasks. As a result my productivity skyrocketed.

Apart from being personable, Beata is also a true professional and it’s easy to place my trust in her. Choosing Beata as my coach is definitely one of my better decisions."

Counselling Client