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Edwin Sim

About Edwin

Edwin was a competitive athlete throughout his academic years. His coaching journey started off as a pre-school sports coach under Tinytots Singapore, and besides his personal training certification, he now also holds a Specialist Diploma in Sports & Wellness Management. 

As a coach, Edwin’s mission is to optimise your health and performance so you can achieve the absolute best quality of life. He helps clients with sustainable and functional body transformation, and specialises in body recomposition (fat loss/muscle gain), sports performance, as well as strength and conditioning.

He empowers skinny-fat professionals with evidence-based methods to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously year-round!

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What Customers Say


"I chanced upon Edwin’s profile while searching for PTs/classes to help with weight loss. Having attempted to do so multiple times in the past but yoyoing back right after made me know that this wasn’t going to be easy, especially to find the motivation to control diet and exercise with a busy schedule.

Edwin was great in helping a gym newbie like me to be introduced to and get used to the exercises and machines. I can tell that he has had experience training clients. He was encouraging and motivated me to do my best without pushing overly hard.

After these 4 months, I have managed to lose 9kg with the PT sessions and diet control and am prepared to maintain this on my own. Thank you very much! Highly recommended for busy working professionals looking to lose weight & get stronger!"

Ivan Yeo (left)
Client of Edwin Sim 


"I’m really glad I crossed paths with Edwin and kick-started my journey to look and feel better. In the beginning, I had the mindset that physical trainers are only for cutting down weight and leading a healthier lifestyle but I realised there is a niche for a skinny-fat individual like myself who wants a stronger and bigger body composition. Edwin is the one that I approached as my PT as he is the only one who specifies and targets skinny fat individuals.

From the start, he crafted out a training plan which is suited for me as well as nutrition intake. Learning the proper technique and getting the proper form with quality reps builds up the foundation and progression is linear. With his vast knowledge on fitness, I am able to understand the concept behind every exercise I do and utilise the correct muscle group and movement. I've achieved a weight which I am proud of and feel more confident in my overall body composition.This fitness journey with Edwin has been life changing for me and great kickstart to a stronger me. Thank you Edwin!"

Haiqal (right)
Client of Edwin Sim