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Rukshin Shah

About Dr Rukshin Shah

Dr Rukshin Master is a M.D. Homoeopath having specialised in Pediatrics and a Ph.D. (Scholar). She received her Doctoral degree in Homoeopathic medicine from the reputed C.M.P. Homoeopathic Medical College that offers a 6-year training in Conventional and Alternative Medicine. She also earned her master’s degree in Pediatrics and Homoeopathy whereby she specialized in Allergic Respiratory diseases.

She is a gentle, compassionate, and holistic practitioner that addresses the root cause of acute or chronic health concerns with effective and evidence based Homoeopathic Medicines. Homoeopathic principles help her determine an individualized, tailor-made prescription for each of her patients restoring them to a state of optimal health.

Even though her primary practice is children, she sees patients of all ages and with all health concerns supporting them to the best of her ability. Her Ph.D. thesis was based on a clinical study on children with autism spectrum disorders and she passionately utilizes the therapeutics of homoeopathy to help children with that and other behavioral concerns. She has special interests in the treatment of allergic disorders like asthma and eczema, digestive disorders, and autoimmune conditions. She also uses the tools of homoeopathy to support those with mental health concerns especially anxiety and depression to untwine them from the web of drug dependence.

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