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About Dr Xiang Jun

Having spent more than 7 years in Beijing gave Dr Lim Xiang Jun time to explore deeply into the Chinese culture and develop the wisdom to apply the philosophies behind the different artistry to her clinical TCM practice. Trained under masters from both top academic fields and those who live incognito, Dr Lim is well versed in administering TCM and acupuncture treatments that bring surprisingly immediate relief to many kinds of conditions.

Her qualifications include: 

  • PhD., Doctor of Acupuncture, Beijing Uni. of Chin. Med.
  • MSc. Master of Acupuncture, Beijing Uni. of Chin. Med.
  • BSc. Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Beijing Uni. of Chin. Med.
  • BSc. (Hons) Bachelor of Biomedical Science, NTU, SG
  • TCMPB Fully Registered Licensed TCM Practitioner (SG)
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner, Atreya Ayurvedic Med. College (India)
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner (Japan)
  • Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Tom Myers Anatomy Trains - Body Reading 101
  • Specialised Aesthetic Osteopath for Face/Pelvis (Japan)

Having also been trained in Yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda and other various Chinese metaphysics and Western alternative healing techniques, Dr Lim is very well versed in various energy medicines and healing therapy that does not involve chemicals or pills to help rebalance the body holistically and energetically.

Not only is she apt to traditional forms of healing, her Biomedical Science background helps her better understand and handle a clinical condition from the modern Western medical point of view. This allows her to explain conditions to her patients using Western medicine theories, and treat them with natural, organic, non-invasive and green therapies.

In 2019, she founded "Dr Xiang Jun. The Modern Traditional Doctor" as she embodies various lineages of ancient traditional medicines within her signature modern contemporary outlook and serves all those in need with her vast knowledge and skills in their utmost authenticity.

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What Customers Say


"I inquired about Dr Lim's TCM services because I was experiencing repetitive back pain from work and muscle injuries from sports and training.

I'm a dental surgeon and back pain among this profession is common due to our posture at work. I also do a lot of sports. Dr Lim's acupuncture and cupping session always help me to function normally at work again and recover from any sports injury quicker. My back pain disappears very soon after acupuncture and cupping sessions and I can finally lie down to sleep.

With most of my injuries, Dr Lim can release the pain in a very efficient way. I'd recommend her to people like myself, who have to maintain a certain posture posture at work for long periods of time and experience pain on the neck or the back, or those who are very active at sports and training and need to recover from an injury quickly."

Dr James Lee (left) 
Client of Dr Lim 


"I came to Dr Lim to address my post-wrist surgery swelling and pain, and digestion issues.

My experience with her has been very good. It's helped with the post-surgery recovery and the digestion issue is more or less resolved.

We're now working on my sprained back. So far it's definitely helped and my back is recovering.

I enjoy how easy it is to talk with Dr Lim about everything and would recommend her to all my friends and family."

Koh Fei Boon (left) 
Client of Dr Lim