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About Dr Jyothi

Dr Jyothi is a Mental Health Counsellor and a Homeopathic Physician. She believes that an individualized and holistic understanding of the client is the first step towards healing. 

Dr Jyothi combines her in-depth understanding of Medicine, the human psyche, and an eclectic therapeutic approach, with state-of-art technologies in the application of neurofeedback and biofeedback training as a tool to empower her clients.

Homeopathy is a comprehensive complementary therapeutic practise that aids in the treatment of the underlying cause of both physical and mental ailments.

Dr Jyothi is passionate about supporting teenagers, adults, and children to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, perinatal mental health support, trauma processing and attentional challenges. Her bachelor's degree is in medicine and homeopathy, and she has Master's degrees in psychology and counselling from Madras University in India and Monash University in Australia respectively.

Dr Jyothi has been practising as a registered Homeopathic Physician for 25 years and a certified counsellor since 2014. She continues to provide counselling and homeopathic services via e-consultations and in-person appointments in India and Singapore

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