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About Daryl

Daryl Tan is a personal trainer that got into fitness when he was serving the army. Realising that he wanted to be the best version of himself, he spent the two years in service conditioning his body and he has never stopped since.

Daryl is well-versed in strength and conditioning, weight loss and transforming his clients’ physiques. He recognises the need to understand his clients, and then creating individualised programs that suit them and their lifestyles. Seeing his clients living well, training hard and eating well is something that Daryl is passionate about.

Daryl believes that being fit and healthy is about being happy and balanced and that it goes beyond looking good. His biggest inspiration is George Carlin and he can never turn down ice-cream waffles for his cheat meals.


  • PTA global Personal Trainer
  • Agatsu Indian Club and Mace Training Level 1
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
  • TRX Certified

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