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About Coralie

Coralie is a certified Reiki practitioner and a life coach specializing in personal development for women's empowerment and well-being

Her passion is in helping women empower themselves in every aspect of their life to manifest greater joy, confidence, balance and fulfilment. Through life coaching, she teaches them how to manifest successfully their goals by using 7 essential universal laws in their lives, so that they can feel empowered to overcome their personal and professional life challenges, and to achieve their deepest desires in alignment with their passion, purpose and well-being.

As a Reiki practitioner, certified by the Terataii center in Singapore, she provides a holistic approach to wellbeing. Her one-on-one energy healing sessions provide both hands-on and distance healing sessions on children, adults and elderly people to support their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Practicing Reiki on herself and others has deepened her sense of well-being and intuition even more. During a Reiki session, Coralie receives a lot of energetic information: she can intuitively sense from the energy of the person which chakra(s) needs more healing and balancing, and to which aspect(s) of their life it might relate to.

Coralie is also a certified practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping therapy), a clinical hypnotherapist, a TIME techniques practitioner, and a life & success coach. She loves combining various healing modalities in her coaching work as she believes from experience that people need to heal first before being empowered to move forward towards their dreams/goals.

She feels deeply called to help women achieve their true potential, to follow their soul calling and to use their passion to live more on purpose while aligning themselves with their well-being. 

​Services available:

  • Life and success coaching
  • Manifestation and mindset coaching
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping therapy)
  • TIME techniques 
  • Clinical hypnotherapy
  • Energy healing work/ Reiki 

Here are some of the benefits you will gain by working with Coralie:

​1. Greater clarity and vision on what you truly want to manifest in any aspect of your life.

​2. Transformation from within by shifting your mindset to become the powerful and deliberate creator that you are.

​3. Empowerment with the teaching of various processes, tools and techniques that you can apply on your own in your daily life to raise your vibrations and manifest what you deeply desire.

​4. Overcoming what is holding you back from moving forward by uncovering, releasing and healing your inner blocks (fears, self-doubts, limiting beliefs, negative emotions) to set you free and empower yourself to achieve your heart's deepest desires.

​5. Inspire and support you to take action towards your goal with a clear and step by step action plan.

6. Teaching you how to manifest successfully by using 7 universal laws.

​7. Aligning yourself with your well-being to be in flow with the abundance of the Universe.

​8. Finding and expressing your full potential to live a life with more passion and purpose.

9. Creating greater joy, confidence, balance and fulfilment in life.

​10.Taking inspired action to achieve your goal/dream successfully.

Join Coralie on a healing, well-being and empowering journey to create the life that you truly want to live!

Connect with Coralie on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

What Customers Say


"Life coaching with Coralie was a mind-blowing experience for me. She guided me very patiently throughout the whole process to find the root cause for my emotions. I knew there were some aspects of me that needed to be worked with, but I never knew that they were all connected. I feel like all the puzzle pieces are finally put together and I am very grateful to her great guidance. In my session, I listened to my subsconscious mind, found the root cause of the negative emotion I had for a long time, and removed it from the root. It was the first time I ever felt free.

The night I received Reiki from Coralie, I fell into a really deep sleep. I haven't experienced that in a long time. As I was falling asleep I remember feeling so loved and surrounded by warm energy. I had a dream that I don't recall in much detail, but I remember I was very happy and content. I'm usually utterly weak to my inner critic and let it ruin my days or weeks. But since my Reiki session, I feel like I'm slowly gaining my control over my inner critics and finally seeing the brighter side of my life. Coralie is a wonderful life coach and now she's proved to me that her Reiki is also a very powerful tool to enrich your life experiences.

Thank you Coralie for this wonderful experience of healing."

Kazuko Sakura
Life Coaching & Reiki client 


"I had been struggling with figuring out how to implement daily self-care maintenance into my life after a series of difficult life circumstances had piled on top of me all at once. One of the more challenging aspects was finding how to work through painful emotions effectively, especially a feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling constantly behind in everything I had on my plate.

I did a session with Coralie focused on learning EFT, also known as tapping therapy, and even with just this one new tool in my mental health toolbox I feel so much more empowered. I don’t know how or why it works, but working through feelings of overwhelm or stress through tapping genuinely helps me to pinpoint how I’m feeling, articulate and accept those feelings, and then release them.

Through this process, I found I was able to find positive reframes and a greater sense of competency in resolving my issues. Coralie has a bright and infectious radiance, and it was a pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend seeking out a coaching session with her if you’re finding yourself stuck or want to get out of a negative spiral, I am truly grateful for her guidance and positive energy through the coaching process!"

Jinae Higashino
Life Coaching client