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About Clara

Clara So is a certified Pilates instructor and health coach, specialised in both pilates matwork and reformer as well as health coaching.

Her 60 mins Pilates Matwork Class is designed for people at all levels - with options for beginner and intermediate levels.

Pilates Matwork is a total body workout, aiming to enhance body alignment, core strengthening, spine mobilisation and increase flexibility. It can help ease back pain, improve posture and overall spinal health.

Clara is passionate about Pilates and Wellness, and is highly driven to work with her clients to meet their desired fitness goals, support them in their health journey, guide them with knowledge, and motivate them to make progress and results.

Her vision is to empower individuals to have clarity, make health a priority and nurture the body mind and soul.

Clara has been working in the health, fitness and wellness industry for the past five years including in a healthcare startup as a founding member as well as a corporate wellness consultant and health coach. She’s helped many clients achieve their health and fitness goals in their transformation journey.

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