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About ChristoJen

Christopher and Jenniser (Christojen) graduated from ACE (American Council on Exercise) and The Biomechanics Method. They use myofascial release and integrative strengthening to help their clients to restore musculoskeletal balance and bringing the body back to its normal state to improve their quality of life.

They have been involved in competitive dodgeball for over a decade. When they realised how much musculoskeletal dysfunction, and potentially pain,  can cause a big challenge in the game as well as in their daily lives. They felt the need to share their passion. As a result, they became certified personal trainers (specialising in corrective exercises) to help others become the best version of themselves. They aim to have your body pain free, one movement at a time.

This experience has also lead them on a mission to find out the root of our body mechanics and understand the “why” of each exercise. By executing the right exercise, pain can be resolved in a timely manner. This vision has created a permanent solution to free from pain and they would love to have you to be a part of this journey.

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