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About Christine

Christine Schedel is a Health and Wellness Coach certified by The Coach Partnership (NBHWC approved) and ICF credentialed (ACC). With a strong interest in human development, she graduated with a Master’s degree in business economics, specialising in Human Resources Management. Because of Christine’s passion for continuous learning, she pursued her first coaching certification with Newfield Asia in 2017.

A history of autoimmune diseases in her family sparked her curiosity about what it takes for humans to cultivate and sustain lifestyle and behaviour changes that allow them to live the best possible life they are meant to live. Driven by the desire to be a role model for her daughters, she started to do her own research and take responsibility for a wellness lifestyle that nurtures health in body, emotion and mind.

Christine works with individuals across the globe and is passionate about supporting people in their health & wellness goals. She believes everyone needs an ally, someone who deeply cares, listens with compassion and empathy, and creates a safe and respectful environment that nurtures confidence and healing. She brings the value of a qualified health and wellness professional that is an expert in lifestyle and behaviour changes and succeeding with those.

Connect with Christine on her website and on LinkedIn.