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Role Overview

The role of the Marketing Lead is to support the marketing function at Core Collective by driving brand awareness, brand engagement and generating high quality leads for the business and the businesses functioning under Core Collective. 

As a member of the Core Collective marketing team, the Marketing Lead is a Senior Executive that will work closely with the Brand Lead, and report directly to the Assistant Marketing Manager.

Key responsibilities for this role include executing a digital marketing plan, blog content strategy and B2C partnerships strategy. The development of these plans will be largely spearheaded by the Assistant Marketing Manager with input from the candidate. 

The Marketing Lead will also take charge in monitoring progress of current marketing efforts, reporting weekly and monthly KPIs. He/she will work closely with the Assistant Marketing Manager to analyse data to make recommendations that optimise marketing strategies. Another key task of the Marketing Lead includes producing effective copy for various online and offline marketing materials. 

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Execute a Digital Marketing Plan that:

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Attracts high quality fitness & wellness resident leads
  • Attracts high quality member leads

The components of the digital marketing plan include but are not limited to the following channels:

a) Facebook & Instagram Posts

The candidate must be proficient in his/her understanding of the platforms and will take the lead to conceptualize and execute a monthly content calendar that consists of at least 4 weekly posts with the rest of the marketing team members. 

When planning the content calendar, he/she must have strong conceptualization skills and be skilled to write captions that are impactful and aligned with the Core Collective brand guide. 

b) SEO Optimization 

The candidate must have a good understanding of SEO, and must be involved in monthly meetings with the appointed SEO Agency to review performance. 

c) Paid Ads on Google’s SEM & GDN platforms, Programmatic platforms and any other paid digital channels

The candidate must have a good understanding of paid marketing channels in the digital universe, have a keen eye to stay updated with best practices and suggest relevant paid marketing channels that contribute to brand awareness and/or inbound lead generation.

The candidate must be skilled in vendor management as he/she must be involved in monthly meetings with external agencies to review performance marketing numbers to ensure the biggest impact and cost efficiency. 

d)  Paid Ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

The candidate is responsible to execute paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn backed by good advertising strategy, target audience segmentation and assumptions. 

e) Website Management 

The candidate must ensure that the Core Collective website is kept updated with the latest content (residents’ biography, service categories, etc.) 

On the technical end, the candidate must ensure that web pages are optimized for SEO by working on on-site recommendations given by the SEO Agency. 

As Core Collective’s website is built on Hubspot, it will be beneficial if the candidate has experience in managing websites that are built on Hubspot CMS. 

d) Electronic Direct Mailer

The candidate is responsible to maintain an EDM content calendar, program and send EDMs to various target audiences via Hubspot CMS promptly. 

He/she should work closely with team members on EDM design and with residents/partners on EDM content. 

He/she must also ensure that automations are set up to update the EDM database regularly with new member and resident leads.

2. Execute a B2B and B2C Blog Content Strategy that: 

  • Builds brand awareness for Core Collective as a brand as well as the residents at Core Collective
  • Attracts high quality fitness & wellness resident leads (B2B articles)
  • Attracts high quality member leads (B2C articles) 

The requirements of the blog content strategy includes:

a) The candidate must keep up to date with the latest content and industry topic trends, and have a high level of conceptual thinking to come up with great ideas for strategic, engaging and tactful blog articles. 

b) Research and interviews must be conducted to gather topic opinions, perceptions  and knowledge from subject matter experts.  

c) The candidate must possess excellent writing, proofreading and editing skills in order to contextualise information gathered from interviews and write, review and edit them into long-form content article pieces. 

d) Articles written should make use of SEO keywords and article guidelines provided by appointed digital marketing agency for the purpose of optimizing content for SEO. 

e) The candidate will assist the creative designer with the copywriting and conceptualisation of 2 promotional artworks per blog article to be shared across all social media platforms.

f) Blog article performance metrics will be monitored and reviewed every month, therefore the candidate must possess a strong ability to understand and interpret data to determine its significance and implications, and make suggestions and recommendations for future articles. 

3. Write copy for diverse Marketing Distributions

The candidate will be tasked to produce copy which are clear, compelling and fit for purpose for various marketing mediums, including but not limited to:  

  • Blog articles
  • Any in-space collateral such as posters and signages
  • EDM
  • Website material
  • Social media post captions
  • Digital ads captions and artwork copy

Skills and requirements for this aspect include:  

  • A good command for written English 
  • The ability to tailor copy to specific brand tone of voice, audience, media channel, etc. 
4. Maintain a Performance Marketing Dashboard

The candidate is in charge of reporting weekly and monthly marketing KPIs such as website traffic, digital campaign metrics.

He/she must know how to draw data from reporting dashboards provided Google, Hubspot and other relevant digital marketing platforms. 

Together with the team, he/she should contribute to analyse data and make meaningful recommendations on a monthly basis. 

5. Execute a B2C Partnerships Strategy 

The candidate must work with the Assistant Marketing Manager to execute a B2C Partnerships Strategy to increase Core Collective & resident brand awareness through corporate engagement and brand collaborations.

This includes executing corporate inbound and outbound lead generation strategies as well as end user inbound and outbound lead generation strategies with clear objectives and marketing KPIs. 

6. Other important requirements

The candidate must be a team player and willing to go above and beyond his/her own responsibilities. He/she must be committed to growth and personal development. 

Working in a start-up environment, he/she must be flexible and have the ability to adapt to changing work conditions.

He/she should have a good grasp on marketing concepts and have a keen eye for the latest marketing trends and best practices. 

The candidate must add value to the team by proposing new marketing ideas and strategies that increase brand engagement and awareness. These marketing ideas and strategies can come in both online and offline forms.

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